“GPS bracket Slim Basic 28.6” for attachment to a motorcycle handlebar with a diameter of 28.6 mm.

Due to the widespread use of handlebars with a clamp diameter of 28.6mm, this GPS holder can be mounted on a wide range of motorcycles.

The “GPS bracket Slim Basic 28.6” offers a device interface that is identical to our existing “Slim Basic” GPS mounts.

This means that all available adapter plates are also compatible.

The ingenious and patent-pending clamping mechanism requires only a single clamping screw and is therefore very quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.

If you want to use a navigation device with the associated GPS bracket on several vehicles, this is possible without any problems and without much installation effort.

We manufacture this GPS bracket from high-strength aluminum on our 5-axis milling centers in our production facility in Germany and then have it refined by anodizing.

When does the “GPS bracket Slim Basic 28.6” fit my motorcycle?

– the handlebar diameter is 28.6mm

– the clearance between the handlebar clamps is at least 50mm

– the possible angle of wrap is at least 258° – see photo! (Caution with one-piece lower handlebar clamps!)

– specifically fits the Yamaha Tenere 700 – despite the one-piece lower handlebar clamp

Installation is as easy as usual:

First unscrew the M5x12 threaded pin with a 2.5mm Allen key until the movable clamping jaw is open wide enough so that the navigation system holder can be pushed over the motorcycle handlebars. Now screw in the threaded pin again and tighten with 1.5Nm (max. 2Nm!). Set the desired angle of the GPS holder. Finished! Then attach the navigation device.

How much is 1.5Nm?

Not everyone has a suitable torque wrench at hand.

Therefore, we give the following guide value: 1.5Nm is about as much as you can apply with a standard Allen key on the short shank (shank length 20mm) between thumb and forefinger – see photo!

A maximum tightening torque of 2Nm is permitted, above which the clamping mechanism can be damaged.

Therefore, do not use the long leg of the Allen key to tighten the clamp screw.

Scope of delivery:

“GPS bracket Slim Basic 28.6” consisting of the base body, the movable clamping jaw with pressed-in support ball and a threaded pin M5x12 DIN 913/ ISO 4026.

Any compatible products or device holders shown are not part of the scope of delivery.

Weight including screws: 50 g

Material: aluminum, anodized / stainless steel