My passion for riding started at a very early age. I rode my tricycle so much that the tires were bald on it. The training wheels had to come off my bicycle when I wasn’t a whole lot taller than the handlebars on the bike. I loved my bicycles, but the want for a motor grew.

At the age of 8, I convinced my parents that I absolutely “needed” a dirt bike. A well-used 1991 Honda XR80 was purchased for me. I have not been without a bikewell, maybe more like numerous bikes at any given time since then.

My first job was at about 12 years of age at a motorsports shop. At the same time, I tried to convince my English teacher that book reports should be written on articles in Motocross magazines.

I have remained working in the industry ever since, with many apprentice hours as a motorcycle mechanic and time on parts desks. I have raced motocross and hare scrambles. I have ridden and owned many brands and styles of bikes over the years.

My passion isn’t fading. I ride every chance I get, and I look forward to many miles of future adventure and highway rides.

Part of the fun of owning and riding bikes is accessorizing stock bikes. Thus, the beginning of Freeride ADV. I want to share the availability of quality accessories with all of you that share my passion. 

In my opinion, you can’t have a bike without dressing it up with quality and functional accessories.